Make your own beeswax polish

Ever wondered about a furniture polish that is so natural it can be used as a cuticle cream? I am guessing you have not as it sounds a bit daft, but this recipe can nourish your nails and your furniture, too!

It will leave any un-lacquered or raw timber furniture feeling lovely, with a wonderful aromatic finish. Put it on your cuticles and it works as a perfect cream for dry hands. 


Just like when you melt chocolate, place a larger saucepan over the heat and fill 1/4 with water. Place a smaller saucepan into the water ensuring no liquid can spill over into the smaller pan. Add all the ingredients and stir until everything has melted together. 

Pour the mixture into clean containers (glass or metal) ensuring they have a lid that will seal tight. Place to the side and let the mixture cool. 

This can be stored for at least a year, and it also makes a lovely gift. All that will be left to do is wrap it up with love. 




How to clean dirty glass or ceramic oven dishes

Baking can be a delight but if you have to start the process with black ugly ceramic dishes it can be rather less fun. But there is a neat trick to keeping these just like new and all you need is some time and some simple cleaning products from the Gyre and Gymble larder


  • Ceramic oven dish (preferably one that is very baked-in)
  • 1/4 cup washing powder 
  • Boiling water
  • Baking paper 

If you have a sink that you can submerge the dish in, that will be great. If not, then try to find a bucket that will work too. All you need to do is put the dish in, fill it with boiling water until the dish is totally submerged, and then sprinkle the washing powder all over the dish, concentrating on the baked-in dirty areas. If need be, use more washing powder than in the recipe as more will not really harm anything.

Do this just before you finish in the kitchen in the evening and leave the dish overnight. In the morning you should be able to remove the dish and wipe the black baked-on food off with very little effort.

Once done wipe dry and you will have your ceramic dish back looking almost new again. And remember, if you use baking paper when cooking, it will save a lot of mess in the first place. 


Avoiding phthalates


First of all, what is a phthalate? Simply, phthalates are a family of chemicals generally added to plastics during manufacture to make them more elastic. If you're interested in the details, Wikipedia has more info.

Where they are found?

  • Air fresheners
  • Dish soap
  • Any cleaning product with "fragrance" on the label has a high possibility of containing phthalates.


How to help

  • Avoid plug-in room fragrances and aerosol fragrance sprays
  • Avoid soaps and cleaning products with “fragrance” on the label
  • Use only essential oils or scent free natural cleaning products

None of Gyre and Gymble's products contain phthalates.


Christmas warning!

As much as we love our products here at Gyre and Gymble, they are NOT meant to be a Christmas gift! Giving someone (other than a child that has just left home) cleaning products is a sure fire way to get no thanks at all from your loved one. Well, at least we think so. You can give it a go if you like, but don't say we didn't warn you!

However, it is definitely a pre-Christmas preparation MUST. If you clean and prepare your home with the #cleanwithfood method, everyone who comes to your home over the Christmas holidays will walk in and comment how wonderful it smells and how perfect it looks. This is absolutely the best way to impress, even that family member who likes to tut when they walk in.

Before the silly season starts, prepare your home with Gyre and Gymble products and essential oils and you will win the Christmas home award. 

What you will need to make your home perfect: 

Pre-prep for all the people who will drop in over Christmas:

  • Declutter the whole house, just put everything that has been hanging about into a box or boxes and put it out of sight, the roof or garage or wherever it will fit. 
  • Clean the whole house top to bottom with our simple, safe products
  • Add a bowl of fresh pine cones to the lounge room under the Christmas tree and add scotch pine essential oil. You could also add sweet orange and make a Christmas aroma mix. 
  • If you have people staying overnight, make our lavender room spray and use this in all your guest rooms. Ensure you add a couple of drops of neat lavender essential oil to your freshly laundered fluffy towels, and leave them folded at the bottom of the guest bed. This will ensure they have a sound and settled night's sleep.
  • Wrap cinnamon sticks in festive ribbon and drop orange essential oil on to the sticks. Leave these on window sills or hang them from your tree. 
  • Leave Gyre and Gymble hand wash in each bathroom with a bottle of toilet drops at the ready.
  • Have some eucalyptus essential oil ready just in case someone has a cold. 

In short Gyre and Gymble can be a central part of your pre-Christmas preparations, but just don't leave them wrapped up under the tree!


Cleaning a teenager’s bedroom

If the word "floordrobe" has not entered your vocabulary, then let me explain: A floordrobe happens when a teenager stores everything on the floor rather than in the cupboard. Most of the time just shutting the door is a good idea, however sometimes you may need a special resolution of the UN the get things tidied up. 

When the smell from the room starts to permeate into the rest of the house, then action may be needed. The degree of intervention necessary will depend on your bravery, but your best bet is to do the following: 


On entering you may be growled at but just scoop up what looks dirty and dump into one basket and dump the rest in the other. Once you have found the floor you can get to work.

Carpet is easy, mix 1 cup bicarb soda with 5 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops lavender oil and sprinkle all over the carpet. Leave for half an hour and then vacuum up. If there are floor boards just use a good mop with hot water, Castile soap and essential oils. With luck the room will be slightly less dusty and should smell fresh and clean. A quick spritz with a water and essentail oil room spray on the bed and surrounding furniture will also help. Now, escape fast and shut the door behind you! 

I hope the resident teenager will say “thank you” but If not they will love you when they have left home and realise what great work you did for them.

Good luck!

The ABCs of #cleanwithfood

At Gyre and Gymble, we have deconstructed your cleaning products to their bare essentials, and created a simple food-based process for keeping you and your home healthy and clean. 

The ABCs of Gyre and Gymble's #cleanwithfood method is:

  • A is for apple cider and almond oil
  • B is for bicarb soda
  • C is for Castile soap and citric acid

Add in a couple of items from your pantry, one or two from the fruit bowl, and some well chosen essential oils to completely remove harsh supermarket cleaning chemicals from your home. 

At Gyre and Gymble we want everyone to create a home free from harsh chemicals. With our simple, safe, and effective #cleanwithfood ABCs you can get great results without resorting to unnecessary cleaning chemicals that end up permeating every surface. Your family will thank you. 


Keeping rain boots in good condition

Having a good pair of rain boots will save your shoes and will make splashing about in the rain so much more fun! Some rain boots can be expensive and are made of a natural rubber, others not so much, and typically created from some kind of synthetic materials. Whatever ones you own, if you look after them well, they will last much longer. This is an easy process and will leave your boots ready to wear next time you find yourself in a muddy field. 


  • Bucket
  • Multi surface spray 
  • Clean old cloths 
  • Brush 
  • Sweet almond oil 
  • Essentail oils 
  • Bicarb soda 
  • Vinegar 

Wow, that sounds like lots of stuff but if you are cleaning with Gyre and Gamble's products you will have everything you need already. 

Get the muddy boots and take as much mud off as you can with the brush and water in a bucket. Try not to get any water inside the boot. Once relatively clean, take the boots out of the water and spray them with the multi surface cleaner. Leave this on the boots to soak in for about 5 mins and then wipe the boots totally clean with a wet cloth. When all the dirt and marks have been removed, leave the boots to dry. Once dry, put a couple of tablespoons of almond oil in a dish and add one of your favourite essential oils. Take a clean cloth and gently rub the scented oil over the boots, so they shine. 

If the inside is damp, wipe out with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar and finish with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil. 

I have used this method on my boots and found it works very well. However, please note some boot manufacturers recommend you only use their own products, so make sure you check instructions first. Either way, if you look after your rain boots they will last you a long time. 

Yoga mat maintenance

If you love yoga I am guessing you would prefer not to touch your nose onto a mat that has been cleaned with harsh chemicals. So, try this instead. 


  • 5 drops eucalyptus oil
  • 5 drops lavender oil
  • water 
  • Distilled vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with water then add your choice of essential oils. Spray and clean to your heart's content. The eucalyptus oil will work as an antibacterial and the lavender will help you relax. 

If you do hot yoga, then it may be worthwhile cleaning the mat first with a Castile soap or vinegar spray.