How to easily polish stainless steel cutlery

After many trips through the dishwasher, stainless steel cutlery can get streaky and start to look rather warn and old. There is a very easy method to make it look sparkling and fresh again.

All you need is bicarb soda and a lemon.

Take the stainless steal cutlery out of the drawer (this is also a good time to give this normally neglected drawer a bit of a clean, too) and place it next to the sink on the drain or in a flat bottom plastic bucket.

Sprinkle the bricab soda over the cutlery, and then squeeze lemon juice over. This will start to make a lovely fizzing sound. Take one bit of cutlery at a time and polish with a damp clean cloth. This should not take long as the bicarb soda and lemon will do most of the work.

Once done, rinse in cold water and dry or just put back in the dishwasher to finish.