Sweet almond oil

The sweet almond oil in our catalog is the perfect carrier oil for a room diffusers. All you need to do is add your favourite essential oil combination to enhance your home. Like most of our products, this oil has multiple uses.

Cuticle oil
During your normal hand care routine, rub a small drop of oil into your cuticles. The oil will keep your cuticles soft and supple.

Massage oil
This is a light oil and easily works into the skin. When slightly warmed, it can sooth sore muscles.

After bath skin rub
This is particularly lovely in winter when skin tends to be a little dry, but can be used year round as an after-bath moisturiser. Just towel off the water and rub a small amount of the oil over your body. If you add some essential oils this will add a little luxury to your body care.

Makeup remover
This works like a dream. Rub all over your face then rinse with warm water and a clean face cloth. Use a cotton ball for the eyes and dab carefully to remove mascara and other eye makeup with ease.

Cradle cap remedy
Rub sweet almond oil on to a baby's head at night will aid with removal of scales that can form. Make sure you test with a very small drop before applying more generally.