Make your own beeswax polish

Ever wondered about a furniture polish that is so natural it can be used as a cuticle cream? I am guessing you have not as it sounds a bit daft, but this recipe can nourish your nails and your furniture, too!

It will leave any un-lacquered or raw timber furniture feeling lovely, with a wonderful aromatic finish. Put it on your cuticles and it works as a perfect cream for dry hands. 


Just like when you melt chocolate, place a larger saucepan over the heat and fill 1/4 with water. Place a smaller saucepan into the water ensuring no liquid can spill over into the smaller pan. Add all the ingredients and stir until everything has melted together. 

Pour the mixture into clean containers (glass or metal) ensuring they have a lid that will seal tight. Place to the side and let the mixture cool. 

This can be stored for at least a year, and it also makes a lovely gift. All that will be left to do is wrap it up with love.