If you are living in a cold climate, the odds are you will have radiators on the wall to keep the house warm. Have you ever looked behind them? They are a magnet for dust and every time they are turned on they infuse the smells of the old dust around your home. Mmmmmmm not so nice. 

There is a very simple way to fix this problem and make them work as a room scent enhancer rather than the opposite. 


  • Hair dryer
  • lavender bags
  • Gyre and Gymble diffuser 

To clean out the dust all you need is a hair drier. If you are allergic to dust I recommend wearing a dust mask (especially if you have not done this for a while).

Start by blowing the dust down and out of the radiator. Once it is clean, a quick wipe over with a Gyre and Gymble lavender room spray and hang some lavender bags from the radiator which will diffuse their scent around your room over the coming weeks. Putting a Gyre and Gymble room diffuser on a table near the radiator will also boost the lavender.

Note: a diffuser placed near a radiator will not last as long, however it will work very well.