Coughs and colds and caring for your home

Coughs and colds are sadly a normal part of life, particularly in the colder months of the year. When you have a cold it is a good idea to care for a few things around the home as well as your health. By taking a little time you will help stop the cough/cold in its tracks and help stop it from spreading to others in the house. 

While you are still unwell you will be spending more time in bed than normal, and possibly with a fever. So these are the Gyre and Gymble tips for your home's health. 

The bed
If you are too unwell to change all the covers every couple of days then turn the bed down when you get out leaving the fitted sheet and top sheet exposed to the air for at least a few hours. It is also a good idea to give this area a good spray with a supercharged eucalyptus room spray. This time add 30 - 40 drops to one cup of water in the spray for extra bug killing ability. Leaving the bed open will allow it to air and dry completely if you have had a hot uncomfortable night. When you are better, or as often as you can while still sick, wash your sheets in a hot cycle. This will not only kill the bugs but will also make you feel better when hopping into a freshly made bed.

The pillow
If your head is streaming and you are struggling to keep you pillow dry then place a nice soft towel over your pillow. This will help with the washing later and also you can add a few drops of eucalyptus oil directly to the towel.

Keep a plastic bag in your bathroom bin and empty out the tissues every day. Spray every surface with your eucalyptus spray. Once you are better, then a very good vinegar wash will be in order. All you need to do is spray every surface with a 50/50 vinegar water spray and then wipe clean. The vinegar smell will leave as soon as it dries, however, I also recommend once you have wiped the area clean that you spray your eucalyptus room spray and leave this on every surface. All your towels will need to go through a hot cycle in the machine. Add a half a cup of vinegar to the wash as a fabric softener. If you dry the towels you can add some lemon essential oil for added freshness. 

The sofa/couch/lounge
If you are on the sofa recovering then it is a good idea to put down a clean sheet. This will stop you coughing and spluttering over the lounge directly. Once better, if you have a fabric lounge you can sprinkle some bicarb soda which has been mixed with lavender and eucalyptus oil. Leave for an hour and then vacuum up. This will help with any unpleasant odours that arise from spending long periods of time unwell resting here. 

These little things will help stop germs spreading, and will also make you feel better.