Make your own Linnen spray

Spraying your pillow cases and sheets with a lavender infused spray has been known to help send you off to sleep. 


  • Water (filtered is best) 
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil, or select essential oils to suit you preference
  • 1 tbs (or cap) of vodka 

Fill a Gyre and Gymble trigger spray with water and the cap of vodka (no need for anything expensive) and shake well. Add the lavender essential oil, and again shake and spray your pillows and sheets as you iron. Ensure you use either the metal spray bottle or a dark glass bottle as this will keep your essential oil out of the light and it will last longer. 

Note: the vodka acts as a surfactant and helps the lavender mix in the water. If you don't use the vodka, you will need to shake the spray well each time you use it. 

A very simple pathway to very sweet dreams.