Cleaning myths and how to use them to your advantage

A tidy fresh smelling home gives the impression that it is clean.

If you have unexpected visitors arriving and the house has not been looked after for a week because everyone has been just too busy - and who has not been in this situation - here are some very simple tricks you can do, and nobody will know your secret.

You have to do two things before they arrive at the door.

Tidy up any accumulated clutter. This is where a spare room will come in handy. If you don't have one then use your bedroom. Take all the clutter that has found its way to the four corners of the house and dump it in the laundry basket and deposit it out of sight until you have time to deal with it later. Or better still, make everyone put away their own things. Good luck with this idea! 

Here's the first secret: a clutter free house looks clean! 

Light some scented candles and give the house a good once over with a room spray. If you use lemon and eucalyptus this will work wonders. If not too cold, open a window or two to get some fresh air. If too cold out, you can spray the radiators with lavender to give a floral boost. 

Secret number two: a fresh smelling home indicates a clean home. 

Both these are a bit of a cheat, but work well and most people do not look too closely when everything looks great. Best of luck!