How to clean the dishwasher and why

The dishwasher is a machine that deserves an award. I love cooking and eating but I hate washing up. In many homes the dishwasher is used almost every day, and sometimes more, so it does need a little care and attention to ensure it is doing the best job possible. 

If you are using the quick and easy Gyre and Gymble dishwashing tabs it is important to remember that these do not contain rinse aid. Rinse aid can be found in most commercial dishwashing tabs or bought from the supermarket. Its primary function is to help with the drying process at the end of the wash cycle.

But guess what!? All you need to do to replace the rinse aid is a splash of vinegar. This works just as well, and costs considerably less.

Here are a few other things that will help your machine:

  • Just scrape the plates before putting them in, there is no real need to rinse as well. Just be sure not to overwork the machine by loading lots of leftovers.
  • Don't over fill the machine, as this can stop the water flowing across the dishes freely.
  • Add dishwasher salt as required, and this will will help with hard water problems.
  • Clean out the filters at least one a week. This is a horrible job, but you will have cleaner dishes. 
  • Every now and then, run the machine on a hot cycle while empty. The hotter the better. You can add a cup of bicarb soda to the bottom of the machine to help the cleaning process. 

If you follow these simple ideas, your dishwasher will love you back.