How and why you need to wash fruit and vegetables

When you come home from grocery shopping or just from the garden with your own produce, this is the time to wash all your fruit and veg before you put them away. 

Fill a clean bucket with fresh water. Starting with the items that are the least dirty place them in the water and give them a good rub over. Now rinse in running tap water, and place them on a clean tea towel to dry. Repeat this for all the fruit and vegetables and change the water when dirty. 

To store items in the fridge, place a clean dry tea towel at the bottom of the fridge crisper and place the clean dried vegetables and fruit on top of the cloth. It is important to change this cloth every week. Try not to store food in the plastic it arrives in as this can still have dirt and other bugs left on it.

For example, berries can be placed in a clean dry container and stored in the fridge. Asparagus can also be wrapped in a clean cloth and placed in the fridge once washed and dry. This will not only reduce the risk of soil bacteria being eaten by your family, it will also increase the life of the fruit and vegetables in your home. 

For fruit going into a fruit bowl on the table, it is also a great idea to wash it as soon as it arrives in the house. This will mean people can just grab a bit of fruit on the run and not have to worry about washing it. 

For a more comprehensive look at washing and storing fruits and vegetables, have a look at this link to the NHS guidelines [1] on stopping cross contamination. 

[1] "How to wash fruit and vegetables", NHS