How to use the Gyre and Gymble #cleanwithfood method

If you have kitchen and bathroom cupboards full of harsh chemicals that you would prefer to avoid, take a look at the way I have been cleaning my home for the last 18 months. If you like these ideas, here are a few tips for how you can change to do the same. 

Firstly, I hate waste so you can either go cold turkey on your chemical cleaning or just run down what you already have in store. Don't throw away your old products, and in particular, don't pour the liquids down the sink as they will end up in your nearest river or at the beach. 

If you have cleaned your home for this long with the old stuff, it's probably best to use it until it has gone, but have a stock of Gyre and Gymble products ready to go when you are finished. Alternatively, if you want to get going straight away, give your half-used bottles to someone else who will use them. 

Having a set of cleaning products in all bathrooms and the kitchen will save you time running around looking for the right thing to clean with. Given that Gyre and Gymble advocates the use of only 4 main products, it will be easy to have these in each room just waiting to help you clean.

You will need the following ingredients: 

  • 1x Readymade glass cleaner for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x Multi-surface spray for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x Gentle scouring jar for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x bowl lemons in the kitchen
  • 1x lemon essential oil in the kitchen (you can add to this later)
  • 1x eucalyptus oil in each bathroom (or the toilet drops)
  • 5x micro fibre cloths for each bathroom
  • 1x Gyre and Gymble subscription, so you will never have to shop for cleaning products again

Where to start:

We hope you will love our bottles and will place the sprays and essential oils out on display. There is no need to hide them away out of sight anymore. This has a two benefits: it will mean that it is easy to pick up and spot clean at anytime, and you can also let the world know that you care about your home by using safe, natural cleaning products. Leave the toilet drops ready for anyone to use within easy reach of the toilet. Place the spray

If you need any more advice or help with ways to clean your home, you can always search though our blog or contact us directly for any cleaning advice.