Cleaning computers and screens

Computers in the home can be very dirty, and will need a clean once a quarter (or more). 


  • Glass spray (80:20 vinegar-to-water; use filtered water if possible) 
  • Cloth
  • Cotton ear buds

Note: never spray a computer directly, and always put the spray onto the cloth first.

Starting with the screen use a glass cleaner and spray onto your clean microfibre cloth and polish the screen clean. It will be much easier to do this if the computer screen is off because you will be able to see the marks clearly. And if it is a touch screen, you will not be inadvertently moving things about. 

Next, tackle the keyboard. First of all, turn the keyboard upside down and tap it a few times on the desk. You'll be surprised (or horrified!) by what comes out. Now dip a cotton bud into the glass cleaning liquid and squeeze out any excess. You want the cotton bud damp but not dripping. Now run this along the keys. While you are doing this it is also worthwhile rubbing the cloth you used to clean the screen down any nearby cables. 

If you have a computer on the ground under a desk, the air filters tend to get blocked up with the internal fan sucking in dust. This dust can be easily removed by running the vacuum cleaner over the vents.