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Wardrobe: the forgotten room

I would be the first to admit that I am guilty as charged when it comes to keeping wardrobes clean. But doing this will help your clothes stay fresh and dust free, which in turn will extend the life of your clothes. 

There is a once a year big job, a shoes and clothes job, and a once a month small job. 

The big job (yearly):

Take everything out of the wardrobe. This is a great time to work out what you have not worn or what does not fit and to get rid of it. Send it to a charity shop if still in good condition or you can rip up and use for cleaning rags if it is past its use by date. If not it may just be ready for the bin. 

  • Vacuum the shelves, draws, and floor.
  • Use a dusting spray to wipe all the surfaces clean.
  • If any mildew or mould is growing, clean with 100% distilled vinegar.

To complete the process you can line the shelves and draws with scented paper, but this is a nice to have, and is not necessary for the cleaning process. 

Shoes and Clothes:

  • Dust and polish all shoes. For advice on cleaning, shoes see here.
  • Rehang all your clothes and place back into the wardrobe.
  • Place an open jar with a mix of bicarb soda and your favourite essential oil at the back of the wardrobe to absorb any unwanted damp and to keep the wardrobe smelling fresh.  

The small job (monthly):

  • Organise your clothes so they are easy to find.
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • Check for any damp that may have arrived and wipe clean.

Even if these jobs are not done regularly, they will really make your wardrobe a better place. As a finishing touch, you can hang fresh lavender bags in the wardrobe. 

Note: Ensure the drawers and shelves are absolutely dry before you place anything back into the wardrobe. And user the Gyre and Gymble Readymade Box, to store small things in your wardrobe such as socks and ties, etc.