How to clean a toilet without bleach

Here's how to clean a toilet without bleach. It takes a little bit of the Gyre and Gymble ABCs, plus a drop of E. 

The toilet is the one place that needs to be cleaned regularly with a big disinfecting clean once a week. When this is done everyone will be happy.


Leave a spray bottle of Gyre and Gymble soap mixture next to the toilet brush ready for use each day. Spray the bowl inside and out, and then wipe clean with toilet paper starting from the top and working down and around, and then outside of the toilet. Once done, flush the toilet paper away.

Using the toilet brush, scrub the inside then leave the brush balanced between the top and bottom seat with the brush section over the toilet bowl. This will allow it to dry and be ready for the next use. You can also add a couple of drops of neat eucalyptus oil just to freshen everything up. 

For the comprehensive weekly clean sprinkle bicarb soda over the toilet both inside and out. Spray with vinegar then wipe clean with the toilet paper on the outside just like above. Use the brush for the inside of the bowl. Finish this with the soap spray just to wipe up any left over bicarb and vinegar then flush away the paper. 

When you are done, add a toilet bomb to the water and leave overnight. Finish with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil.