How to keep your towels soft, fluffy and smelling great

Did you know that fabric softener is actually not so great for towels and other fabrics that you would like to be fluffy and absorbent? The softeners will, over time, build up into the fabric and end up inhibiting its ability to dry out. But there is a simple #cleanwithfood solution!


  • Distilled vinegar
  • Essential oil (optional) 

That is all you need. Add it to the fabric softener section of your washing machine and let it work its magic. Don't worry, your towels will not smell like a fish and chip shop when they come out of the machine.

I recommend drying the towels until just about dry, but not quite. Then pop them into the dryer to give them that extra fluffing up. Add some essential oils to a damp clean cloth and pop that in with the towels as well. 

You will have your super absorbent towels back, and they will smell lovely too. It is also wonderful to place a face towel with a few drops of the same essential oil into your towel linen press. This will infuse your chosen scent into the fabric while they are waiting to be used.

Note: there is no need to add vinegar each time you wash your towels, just when you think they need a boost on the fluffy scale.