How to clean the lounge with bicarb soda and eucalyptus oil

If you have a leather or fabric lounge with removable cushions it is a good idea to give the underside a good clean every now and again. If you have fury friends or children who eat snacks in the lounge while watching a film, you will find everything from lost toys to dust and crumbs hiding beneath. Toys can damage the fabric, and the crumbs can grow mould, all of which will shorten the life of your sofa and make it smell unpleasant. 


The big clean

If you have a fabric lounge and the covers are able to be washed, take these off and follow the manufacturer's washing instructions. While these are being cleaned you can get to work on the  mess that you will find below. Collect all the big bits and then vacuum up all the dust and crumbs.

Once clear, spot clean the fabric under the cushions with a little hot water and Castile soap. Ensure not to make this too wet. Once done, sprinkle bicarb soda mixed with lavender and eucalyptus oil in a thin layer over the chair. This will work to remove unwanted musty smells. Leave it for an hour and vacuum clean.

If you have kids or pets, it can be a nice idea to add a small cover that will catch all the mess and be easily removed and washed next time you clean the lounge. Try to ensure this is either the same or a similar colour to the lounge, but as it will be under the freshly cleaned cushions it will not be visible. To finish plump up the cushions and put the lounge back together. It will look and smell such nicer from just a little bit of care. 

The little clean

Skip washing the covers and just follow the bicarb soda advice from above. If this is done once a month, your lounge will look and smell much better. All you need to do is add some colourful throw rugs and decorative cushions over the lounge and spray with your home made Gyre and Gymble room and dusting spray. This will give the lounge an extra heavenly aroma. 

Note: in each case, make sure that you only use the minimum amount of water to save too much moisture from getting into your lounge.