Cleaning up after muddy sport

Do you ever feel like half the field arrives home at the end of a match, and that it ends up all over your floor? I have a few tips on how to minimise the work involved when you have sporty people about.


  • Two big buckets 
  • Multi-surface spray
  • Big dark towel
  • Bicarb soda
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar  

When the offending mud-covered sportsperson arrives home, send them to the decontamination area, AKA, the kitchen or utility room. Stand them in a bucket while they peel the mud and team uniform off. Dump the muddy clothes into the other bucket and rinse right away in cold water to remove as much loose dirt as you can. Follow up with a deep hot water soak with washing powder for at least an hour. Finish by washing on the sports cycle. 

Shoes can be washed off in warm water and put somewhere to dry. Once totally dry you can add a little bicarb soda mixed with some lemon essential oils to remove any lingering sporty feet odours. Shake the powder around the inside of the shoe and just leave until ready to wear again. 

Now to the floor and walls that were touched on the way into the house. Use your Gyre and Gymble multi-surface spray and a clean cloth to wipe away the mud. 

If the mud stains the grout between tiles on the floor or the wall, use a little bicarb soda on a damp cloth, spray the mark with vinegar and then rub gently with your mild scouring powder.