Home made dryer sheets

Dryer sheets make your clothes smell lovely and fresh but they are wasteful as most are only used once and then thrown away. Making your own is very simple!


  • 1 cup white vinegar (don't use the apple cider for this as it may stain the washing)
  • 20 drops of essential oil (your choice) 
  • Large jar 
  • Small clean rags (suggestion, cut up an old shirt into squares)

Mix the vinegar and the essential oil. Place as many dryer sheets into the jar as will fit and then pour the liquid over the sheets. Wet them just enough to be damp but not soaking and place the jar in your laundry. Each time you use the dryer, add one sheet to the load. Note the vinegar smell will disappear once dry and you will be left with the aroma of the essential oil. 

Essential oil suggestions

  • Lavender, to infuse some summer into your day
  • Eucalyptus, when drying sheets if you have a cold