How to clean with a lemon

Lemons are wonderful for both your health and the health of your home. Drink or eat them but remember to clean with them too!

There are many ways to use a lemon, including: 

  • Freshen and clean a microwave
  • Scour deodorise and natural bleach a timber chopping board
  • Polish copper pots and pans
  • Clean and remove unwanted smells from a garbage disposal 
  • Perfectly clean off baked-on food from baking dishes 
  • Deodorise plastic containers
  • Ensue your fridge is food-ready and spotless 
  • Remove limescale 
  • Polish stainless steel and chrome taps
  • Add the zest to any cleaning recipe for an extra citrus boost
  • Dehydrate a lemon skin in the oven and crush then add to your bicarb soda mix