Getting rid of snails and slugs

Do you have a little vegetable patch or some lovely plants in the garden that are constantly being eaten by an army of snails or slugs? You could reach for the snail poison or ... you could just use beer!

Snails love beer which is a bit odd, but they will choose beer over plants and that is a win for you and your garden. You end up with less poison in the garden, and the slugs and snails die happy (well, possibly). It also means that a passing bird will be able to eat the snail or slug and not be harmed. 


  • Beer (any kind) 
  • Small tray with about a 1.5 to 2.0 cm rim (aluminium pie trays work well)
  • Snails and slugs 

Place a couple of trays around the area that is most affected by the snails or slugs and fill with beer. If you have a large area you might need quite a few. Allow for one every 50cm or so. Ensure the tray is above the ground, and not submerged below the soil. 

That's it: job done! 

Don't forget to empty out the trays every few days. Assuming the snails and slugs are completely dead, you can just tip the contents of the trays into the garden.