How to clean the BBQ

Summer is on the way and it is time to eat outside, but the BBQ might be a bit scary from last year, and it now undoubtedly needs a good clean. This is a sure way to get it ready without using any harsh chemicals.


  • A very hot BBQ

  • Salt

  • Water

  • Paper towel

  • Metal scraper

  • Aluminum foil

Before you place food on the BBQ to cook, turn it on until it is very, very hot. Get it up to as hot as it will go, and if your BBQ has a lid place this down until it starts to smoke. If using coals, this may need to be done a little earlier so it will be able to cool a little before you throw on the steak and sausages. 

Once the BBQ is smoking, sprinkle on some salt and then slowly add water to the surface. A spray bottle can be helpful here. Take care that this water does not splash as it will be super hot once it hits the BBQ plate.

As the water bubbles off use a BBQ scraper to clean the BBQ top. If there is a lot of burnt-on mess in between the metal, you can also scrunch up some aluminium foil into a ball. Then, using an oven glove to hold it press it to mould around the metal grill rods, and just rub it over. The foil should knock any burnt-on mess onto the drip tray below. Once done, remove any left overs with the paper towel and hey presto, you will be ready to cook food again.

The drip tray can get awfully messy, so if you want to save time, line this with aluminium foil and place clean sand on top of this each year. You should really only need to do this about once a year, and the sand only needs to be about 1cm think.