Welcoming in the cooler weather

Summer is fast disappearing behind us and doors and windows will be shut a little more in the coming months. So here are some tips on keeping your home from feeling stuffy. 

The number one thing to do is get your radiators ready for warming up (see here). This small and easy task will stop the dust that has accumulated over the warmer months from being heated up and then permeating a rather nasty smell though the house. If you have lavender bags, you can hang these on the radiators in readiness for the warmth to infuse around your home. 

It is also a great time to get rid of the spiders that have moved into the windows over the warmer months. A quick dust off and clean with a eucalyptus room spray will do the trick. 

Lounge chairs can also be dust collectors so remove all of the cushions and sprinkle the underside with a mix of bicarb soda and your favourite essential oil. Leave this for an hour and then vacuum up the dust. The bicarb soda will work as an odour-eater and the essential oil will leave everything smelling fresh. This job can be done a couple of times over the colder months. 

It may also be time to have the chimney swept, or to have your gas fire checked by a professional. It would be disappointing to snuggle down with a good book or film by the fire only to find a problem, so best get this sorted out early. 

I also like to leave a jar of bicarb soda with the lid off at the back of draws and cupboards. These absorb any damp that might sneak in and if you add some essential oils they will gradually release these into the air over time. If you have small children or animals it will be best to put the bicarb soda into a jar with a few holes in the top just to be sure no fingers or paws end up exploring. 

It may also be time to bring out some dried or silk flowers as the fresh season draws to a close. Or a basket of freshly collected pine cones with lots of essential oils sprinkled over them placed in the lounge by the fire. 

These little touches will help keep your home snug and smelling lovely when you do not have as much fresh air filling your home every day. 

A room spray at this time of year will also work wonders. Again, your choice of essential oils will ensure your home is perfect for when the cold arrives.