Cleaning up leaves in Autumn

October and November are truly stunning as the leaves turn rust red and orange. This is the time for hot drinks and walks in the garden kicking up the leaves with the kids and the dog!

But eventually, these leaves will turn a sludgy brown and will be trampled into the house unless they are cleaned up. Not the best job in the world.

This blog is for the lazy people who hate raking up leaves. My advice is: don't. Use your lawnmower as a garden vacuum cleaner.

I use mine with the catcher bucket on, then mow or "vacuum" all over the lawn and the garden path to pick up leaves that have fallen. This has two advantages. The first is most of the leaves will be removed this way so raking will become a thing of the past. Secondly, the lawn mower will chop the leaves into fine pieces so you will fit much more into the garden waste bin. Or alternatively, just deposit the mulch evenly over the garden beds to protect the plants from Winter frosts.

The leaf mulch will also break down and absorb back into the soil. Given the leaves are now cut into tiny pieces they will be less likely to be blown by the wind back onto the lawn or onto the path. 

No you can enjoy the Autumn without spending hours with the rake.