Keeping teenage beds fresh in between washing days

Beds really should be washed once a week, but we all get busy from time to time. Don't feel guilty, as there are a few things you can do to keep beds fresh in between wash cycles. 

This blog is particularly targeted at teenagers' rooms, but it is a trick that can work for anyone. 


  • Eucalyptus room spray

All you need to do is not make the bed, which will no doubt make your kids happy! Rather than the morning ritual of pulling up the covers just ask your teenager to hang the duvet over the bedroom door or over a study chair. If you leave a room spray next to their bed with water and about 20 to 30 drops of eucalyptus oil, they can lightly spray their bed and leave it until they hop back in later that evening.

This will air the bed and give it a light disinfectant during the day. 

If you have animals that snuggle up into beds, this system can also help. Remember, there really is nothing that works as well as a good wash in the machine. 


Cleaning a teenager’s bedroom

If the word "floordrobe" has not entered your vocabulary, then let me explain: A floordrobe happens when a teenager stores everything on the floor rather than in the cupboard. Most of the time just shutting the door is a good idea, however sometimes you may need a special resolution of the UN the get things tidied up. 

When the smell from the room starts to permeate into the rest of the house, then action may be needed. The degree of intervention necessary will depend on your bravery, but your best bet is to do the following: 


On entering you may be growled at but just scoop up what looks dirty and dump into one basket and dump the rest in the other. Once you have found the floor you can get to work.

Carpet is easy, mix 1 cup bicarb soda with 5 drops eucalyptus and 5 drops lavender oil and sprinkle all over the carpet. Leave for half an hour and then vacuum up. If there are floor boards just use a good mop with hot water, Castile soap and essential oils. With luck the room will be slightly less dusty and should smell fresh and clean. A quick spritz with a water and essentail oil room spray on the bed and surrounding furniture will also help. Now, escape fast and shut the door behind you! 

I hope the resident teenager will say “thank you” but If not they will love you when they have left home and realise what great work you did for them.

Good luck!

Make your own Linnen spray

Spraying your pillow cases and sheets with a lavender infused spray has been known to help send you off to sleep. 


  • Water (filtered is best) 
  • 10 drops lavender essential oil, or select essential oils to suit you preference
  • 1 tbs (or cap) of vodka 

Fill a Gyre and Gymble trigger spray with water and the cap of vodka (no need for anything expensive) and shake well. Add the lavender essential oil, and again shake and spray your pillows and sheets as you iron. Ensure you use either the metal spray bottle or a dark glass bottle as this will keep your essential oil out of the light and it will last longer. 

Note: the vodka acts as a surfactant and helps the lavender mix in the water. If you don't use the vodka, you will need to shake the spray well each time you use it. 

A very simple pathway to very sweet dreams.