Make your own toilet bombs

If you have already made your own dishwasher tabs then you have also already made your own toilet bombs too. It is exactly the same process! All you need to do now is drop two into your toilet and leave overnight. No more bleach needed. 

If you have not made your own dishwasher tabs, the  here is how it is done.


  • 1 cup Bicarb soda
  • 1/4 cup citric acid 
  • 1 tbs Castile soap
  • 3 or 4 drops of eucalyptus essential oil

You can also double or triple these quantities to make more if you like, but the above is a rough guide on proportions. 

Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl and add the Castile soap and essential oil and then mix until completely damp. The mixture will look a crumbly.

To form the tabs, you can use a baking tray lined with baking paper. A flexible ice-cube tray will work just as well. Anything that will allow you to form tabs of the right size to fit into your dishwasher.

Press the mixture firmly into the tray so that it is about 1.5cm thick. If you use a baking tray, take a metal ruler and compact the mixture down evenly, and then cut them into the right size, about 2cm by 2cm. Treat it just like the base of a slice.

Leave the tabs for about an hour and they will all be solid. Break them apart, or push out of the ice cube tray. Leave them out in the open until they are completely dry, and then store in an airtight container. 

Leave a few tabs in a lovely airtight jar next to the toilet. A eucalyptus room spray is also recommended next to the toilet, and if you leave a bottle of neat eucalyptus oil also on the toilet for the times when the toilet does not smell like it should.

All you do is flush, wait for the water to refill in the bowl, and add 4 drops of neat oil. This will spread out over the surface of the water and leave the bathroom ready for the next visitor.

Remember, if you put these 3 things:

  • A jar of toilet bombs
  • Some eucalyptus spray
  • A neat bottle of eucalyptus oil

into your bathroom, it will ensure the WC is always a pleasant place to visit. Bleach and commercial products are no longer needed. 

Relax in the bath with home made bubble bath bombs

If you are using the Gyre and Gymble system of caring for your home you will have all the ingredients to create a relaxing bath to soak in. 


  • 300g bicarb soda
  • 100g citric acid
  • 15 to 20 drops of lavender oil
  • Water in a spray bottle
  • Dried rose or lavender petals (optional) just to look pretty 

Mix the dry ingredients (bicarb, citric acid, and optional rose petals) in a large mixing bowl then add the essential oil mixing all the time. Very gradually add the water a few drops at a time by spraying the mixture. Move the mixture about in the bowl with your hands or spoon so that it does not fizz too much. When you can grab a handful and it stays compacted together, it will be ready to mould.

You can mould with your hands to make balls or use a scone tray or any small container, however a silicone ice tray will work the best. Leave them to dry for about half an hour and press them out of the mould. If they are still a little crumbly just leave them a few moments longer. Once you have removed them let them dry totally on the kitchen bench. You can then store them in a lovely air-tight jar once finished and display your handy work in the bathroom.

Bath bombs also make a lovely gift, but remember to add a ribbon. Nothing will say to a friend that you are thinking of them like a beautiful packet of hand made bath bubble bombs!