How to use the Gyre and Gymble #cleanwithfood method

If you have kitchen and bathroom cupboards full of harsh chemicals that you would prefer to avoid, take a look at the way I have been cleaning my home for the last 18 months. If you like these ideas, here are a few tips for how you can change to do the same. 

Firstly, I hate waste so you can either go cold turkey on your chemical cleaning or just run down what you already have in store. Don't throw away your old products, and in particular, don't pour the liquids down the sink as they will end up in your nearest river or at the beach. 

If you have cleaned your home for this long with the old stuff, it's probably best to use it until it has gone, but have a stock of Gyre and Gymble products ready to go when you are finished. Alternatively, if you want to get going straight away, give your half-used bottles to someone else who will use them. 

Having a set of cleaning products in all bathrooms and the kitchen will save you time running around looking for the right thing to clean with. Given that Gyre and Gymble advocates the use of only 4 main products, it will be easy to have these in each room just waiting to help you clean.

You will need the following ingredients: 

  • 1x Readymade glass cleaner for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x Multi-surface spray for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x Gentle scouring jar for each bathroom and kitchen
  • 1x bowl lemons in the kitchen
  • 1x lemon essential oil in the kitchen (you can add to this later)
  • 1x eucalyptus oil in each bathroom (or the toilet drops)
  • 5x micro fibre cloths for each bathroom
  • 1x Gyre and Gymble subscription, so you will never have to shop for cleaning products again

Where to start:

We hope you will love our bottles and will place the sprays and essential oils out on display. There is no need to hide them away out of sight anymore. This has a two benefits: it will mean that it is easy to pick up and spot clean at anytime, and you can also let the world know that you care about your home by using safe, natural cleaning products. Leave the toilet drops ready for anyone to use within easy reach of the toilet. Place the spray

If you need any more advice or help with ways to clean your home, you can always search though our blog or contact us directly for any cleaning advice. 

Keeping painted walls clean

Painted walls are lovely and give a fresh, clean feel to a home but after a while, all sorts of marks will start to appear. The areas that are particularly prone to marks will be the stairs and hallways as people tend to touch the walls as they walk past. Don't worry these are easy to remove with Gyre and Gymble's #cleanwithfood method! 


  • Water
  • 50/50 Castile soap and water with lemon essential oil in a spray bottle 
  • Bicarb soda
  • Microfiber cloth

Cover the affected area with a light spray from the soap / water mix to see if you can wipe the mark away. If this does not work then make a thick paste with bicarb soda and water. Smear a little of this mixture over the area that is marked and wipe gently off with a damp microfiber cloth. It is always advisable to do this first on a small area that is normally out of sight. 





Cleaning with food

For many years I used harsh chemicals around the house to clean, under the assumption that this was the only way to keep my home healthy. So when I embarked on creating Gyre and Gymble I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it has been to try this new method of cleaning, where the products are made (mostly) from everyday food. 

Bicarb soda is used in baking but makes a great cleaner. Vinegar is used in many food recipes as well as drinks but also makes an effective cleaning agent. Castile soap is not edible, however we chose it as it is made from organic coconut and vegetable oils and it is totally tallow free. Add a basket of lemons to this mix and some well selected essential oils and you really do not need much more to keep you home healthy and safe. 

There may be times when you need to bring out the big guns and use some stronger chemicals, but this should only be necessary on rare occasions if you follow our simple, safe and sustainable cleaning principles. These chemicals can be stored in the garage or away from your food preparation areas where they will be safe and out of reach of children. Your new Gyre and Gymble cleaning products can then live in your pantry with the rest of your food or be out on display in easy reach. 

The way I look at it, Gyre and Gymble is like "treating your home like you treat your hands". It's the simple, safe, and sustainable to care for your home.