How to clean wine, champagne, and liquor crystal glasses

This technique applies to your best crystal and high-quality glasses. For everyday glassware like tumblers and water glasses, the dishwasher should be just fine (well, it is for me). For dinner party and other quality glassware, I recommend hand washing.

Here are a few tips which I hope will help. 

  • Water (no hotter than you can put your hands in)
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Castile soap (note: do not add any essential oils in this case)
  • Some clean tea towels 
  • Microfiber cloth

Fill the sink with warm water and add the the vinegar. If the glassware has lipstick on the side use a clean microfiber cloth dipped in vinegar or a cotton ball to wipe around the glass and remove the mark.

Put two clean tea towels at the bottom of the sink laid out flat in the water. This will help if you accidentally drop a glass (it may still break, but at least this will give you some cushioning). Dip the glass into the water and give it a good clean. If very dirty, you can add a couple of tablespoons of Castile soap to the water. Once done, rinse in clean water and polish clean with a microfiber cloth which will stop any fibres being left on the glass. 

If you have dirt at the bottom of a class you can add a splash of olive oil and let it sit for a few moments. This will absorb the dirt and then you can follow the method above.

It is best to not leave glasses or crystal over night, but sometimes cleaning up after a party is the last thing on your mind, so just rinse out and put the glassware to one side and deal with them the following day.