Cleaning equipment you already own

There are many things you will already have at home that you can use to clean with when using Gyre and Gymble products. Here are some things that I use, that may also be useful to you.

Herb shaker: a stainless steal one with large holes makes it super easy to spread bicarb soda over a carpet bed or lounge chair when cleaning. All you need to do it fill it with bicarb and a few drops of essential oil. 

Toothbrush: an old one is just fine and great for getting into the the areas where taps fit in to sinks or tight spots that collect mould in the shower. Just add vinegar from the spray bottle, leave it for an hour and scrub the mess away. Finish with a few drops of lemon essential oil, just because you can, and this will make the taps shine. 

Lemon squeezer: these are great if you have a heap of lemons and you can squeeze-and-freeze for later use. Lemon ice cubes are also great to clean a sink garbage disposal. Freeze them in batches and store them in zip lock bags. 

Funnel: most kitchens will have a funnel but if not you will find one in our shop. In either case, these will be safe for use with Gyre and Gymble base products. Just pop it in the dishwasher once done. 

Hairdryer: you will need one of these to clean your radiators, and they are also great if you have lots of cables to blow out any collected dust. If you have wax on a table, just get a brown paper bag, cover the wax and point the warm air at the wax which will melt and absorb into the paper. 

Plastic bags: as much as I hate plastic bags, they are on occasion helpful. If you have a shower head that has lots of lime scale build up on it, fill a plastic bag with vinegar and immerse the shower head into the bag. Seal it with a thick rubber band or tie it securely in place with string, then leave for a few hours. The scale should just wipe clean when you remove the bag. 

Cotton balls: soak one in tee tree or eucalyptus oil and put at the bottom of your bins to keep them smelling fresh. Also add one to you vacuum cleaner with tee tree to kill off any dust mites. 

Lavender bags: hang these in your wardrobes and on radiators to fill your home with the aromas of a warm summer. 

Microfibre cloths: these are great to clean with as they do not leave streaks or fibres behind. 

Aluminium foil: needed for cleaning silver, but also when crushed into a ball they make a great scouring ball to scrub with. Try this on a BBQ top before you cook with water and salt. 

Silicone ice cube moulds: these can be used to make lemon ice cubes for cleaning or eating or dishwasher tabs or toilet bombs tabs