Cleaning diamonds

A diamond is a thing of beauty and it will sparkle if you give it a clean every now and then. I tend to put hand cream on my hand every day (oftentimes more), so diamond rings tend to get rather dull after a while. It is very easy to make it look new again with just a couple of things.


  • Castile soap 
  • Hot water 
  • Old toothbrush 
  • Soft polish cloth 

Take your rings off and place them in a solution of hot water and soap. Let them soak for a few a few minutes then, using the toothbrush to get them out of the hot water one at a time, scrub gently with the soft bristles of the brush. Get right in under the stone then rinse off in clean hot water. Your rings will now sparkle, so over to your hands and that manicure you have been meaning to book.