Dusting and room spray

When dusting

When dusting we recommend using a dusting spray and damp cloth as dry dusting sends the particles up into the air and spreads the mess around the room. If you spray first then wipe clean you will have much more success.



Using Gyre and Gymble amber glass spray bottle, fill almost to the top with water and add the essential oils. It really is as easy as that.

This mixture can be used with a damp cloth to dust down any surface, or it can be sprayed about the home as a room fragrance.

Essential oils recommendations:

For the smallest room in the house

Once finished this mixture can be left in the bathroom with a 50ml bottle of 100% eucalyptus oil for those time in the bathroom when you would prefer no one to follow. If you put 3 to 4 drops of neat eucalyptus oil into the toilet bowl after flushing this will help minimise those not-for-sharing smells. The room spray can just be sprayed liberally around the room. These small touches will make the smallest room in the house more pleasant for everyone.