pine oil

Scotch pine essential oil

Scotch pine oil is extracted from forest pine trees that can grow to 40m high. They have a red-brown trunk that has deep fissures in the bark and strong dark green needles. They are native to Eurasia. The Gyre and Gymble pine oil is sourced from plantations within Europe. The oil is extracted using a steam distillation process from the needles. When fresh, the oil is a clear liquid with a strong pine aroma that will gradually yellow with time.

Pine essential oil is definitely one to have in your cleaning collection, and it can be used all year round. It works as a natural deodoriser and antibacterial, so it is great in damp areas of the home. 

Pine oil can be added to all your cleaning recipes by just adding a few drops. It works particularly well, cleaning timber floors by just adding the oil directly to the hot water bucket. You can also add it to Gyre and Gymble furniture polish.

If you have a fireplace, add a bowl of fresh pine cones next to the hearth with a few drops of pine oil and let it infuse the aroma gently throughout the room. Add cinnamon and sweet orange oil at Christmas time to really spruce up the festive season. 

In the bathroom add a few cotton balls soaked in pine oil to a small jar with the lid off. You can just leave these at the back of a cupboard and they will work as a slow-release cupboard diffuser.