The story behind Gyre and Gymble packaging and containers

We have selected all of our boxes and containers to be either recycled or able to be repurposed. The less we waste the better it will be for your pocket and also for the environment.  

Our readymade spray and pump bottle and glass jar all have special electrostatic stickers which can be removed for washing. Just peel off the sticker and place on a clean window or fridge until the bottles have been washed and are totally dry. Then just place the sticker back onto the bottle and use again. This is particularly handy if you are using our bulk order subscription and refilling. The trigger and spray attachment can also be used on the plastic 1L amber bottle. We thought this particularly important for those who would prefer to use a larger, lighter bottle when cleaning.

All other bottles can either be placed in the recycle bin, or simply remove the labels and reuse the bottles as you wish. We hope over time you will have a selection of Gyre and Gymble products in every bathroom and kitchen, which will make it easier to clean without having to go and collect the products you need.

The complete Readymade Collection will arrive in a sturdy natural craft box with a magnetic lid. We hope this will be reused as well to store odds and ends, paper, Christmas decorations, hair accessories, or lego and other toys. The uses will only be limited by your imagination. If not, they can be collapsed and placed in the recycle bin.

The bulk subscription bag will arrive on your doorstep in a sturdy potato sack that can go directly into the recycling. The 1L bottles of liquid will be covered for protection during travel with a ribbed elastic cardboard cover that can also be recycled.

We have endeavoured to ensure our packaging, as well as our products, have as little impact on the environment as possible while performing their job and keeping your home clean and healthy.

Let us know how you reuse our products and packaging. we would love to hear how you are getting on.