Christmas warning!

As much as we love our products here at Gyre and Gymble, they are NOT meant to be a Christmas gift! Giving someone (other than a child that has just left home) cleaning products is a sure fire way to get no thanks at all from your loved one. Well, at least we think so. You can give it a go if you like, but don't say we didn't warn you!

However, it is definitely a pre-Christmas preparation MUST. If you clean and prepare your home with the #cleanwithfood method, everyone who comes to your home over the Christmas holidays will walk in and comment how wonderful it smells and how perfect it looks. This is absolutely the best way to impress, even that family member who likes to tut when they walk in.

Before the silly season starts, prepare your home with Gyre and Gymble products and essential oils and you will win the Christmas home award. 

What you will need to make your home perfect: 

Pre-prep for all the people who will drop in over Christmas:

  • Declutter the whole house, just put everything that has been hanging about into a box or boxes and put it out of sight, the roof or garage or wherever it will fit. 
  • Clean the whole house top to bottom with our simple, safe products
  • Add a bowl of fresh pine cones to the lounge room under the Christmas tree and add scotch pine essential oil. You could also add sweet orange and make a Christmas aroma mix. 
  • If you have people staying overnight, make our lavender room spray and use this in all your guest rooms. Ensure you add a couple of drops of neat lavender essential oil to your freshly laundered fluffy towels, and leave them folded at the bottom of the guest bed. This will ensure they have a sound and settled night's sleep.
  • Wrap cinnamon sticks in festive ribbon and drop orange essential oil on to the sticks. Leave these on window sills or hang them from your tree. 
  • Leave Gyre and Gymble hand wash in each bathroom with a bottle of toilet drops at the ready.
  • Have some eucalyptus essential oil ready just in case someone has a cold. 

In short Gyre and Gymble can be a central part of your pre-Christmas preparations, but just don't leave them wrapped up under the tree!