Keeping rain boots in good condition

Having a good pair of rain boots will save your shoes and will make splashing about in the rain so much more fun! Some rain boots can be expensive and are made of a natural rubber, others not so much, and typically created from some kind of synthetic materials. Whatever ones you own, if you look after them well, they will last much longer. This is an easy process and will leave your boots ready to wear next time you find yourself in a muddy field. 


  • Bucket
  • Multi surface spray 
  • Clean old cloths 
  • Brush 
  • Sweet almond oil 
  • Essentail oils 
  • Bicarb soda 
  • Vinegar 

Wow, that sounds like lots of stuff but if you are cleaning with Gyre and Gamble's products you will have everything you need already. 

Get the muddy boots and take as much mud off as you can with the brush and water in a bucket. Try not to get any water inside the boot. Once relatively clean, take the boots out of the water and spray them with the multi surface cleaner. Leave this on the boots to soak in for about 5 mins and then wipe the boots totally clean with a wet cloth. When all the dirt and marks have been removed, leave the boots to dry. Once dry, put a couple of tablespoons of almond oil in a dish and add one of your favourite essential oils. Take a clean cloth and gently rub the scented oil over the boots, so they shine. 

If the inside is damp, wipe out with a mixture of 50/50 water and vinegar and finish with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil. 

I have used this method on my boots and found it works very well. However, please note some boot manufacturers recommend you only use their own products, so make sure you check instructions first. Either way, if you look after your rain boots they will last you a long time.