How to keep your kitchen sink fresh, clean, and healthy

Jennifer Sinclair

How hard does your kitchen sink work? Really hard I am guessing – taking away all that dirty dish water and everything else that gets poured down it. Surely it must be time for a little TLC for your sink. 

Keeping your sink and drains clean and healthy is important and super easy – and there is no need to reach for the bleach!  

You will need:

This is such an easy job, and your kitchen will smell wonderful while your doing this job.  

Place one Toilet Bomb onto the sink drain. Slowly pour over a kettle full of boiling water. Careful the boiling water does not splash onto you. 

Allow the Toilet Bomb to fizz and dissolve slowly. This will clean all the way down the pipes. Repeat process if needed. 

While the sink is still hot add a teaspoon of Gentle Scouring Powder, wipe over the stains that have accumulated on the surface and rinse with more hot water.

Dry the sink and add 2 drops of eucalyptus and 2 drops of lemon to the drain.  

Added extra
For a nice added touch add 2 drops of our lemon essential oil to the taps and polish until they shine. Your taps will look new and they will infuse a fresh, clean citrus aroma throughout your kitchen. 

This job only takes a few minutes and will leave your sink fresh, clean and healthy. If you do this regularly you will never need to use harsh chemical drain unblocking products ever again. 

Note: Avoid putting fats down the drain. Always skim fat away with a paper towel and place in your bin or cool the fat and pour into a container and bin. 



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