How to polish timber

Jennifer Sinclair

Timber, just like your hands, will feel and look much better if you keep it clean and nourished.

For basic care always keep timber dust-free by regularly vacuuming with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or cleaning with a cloth damp with a spray of Multi Surface Spray. When your timber starts to look a little dry it's time to nourish it with our polish

What you will need:

To get started clean the timber by removing all dust and spot clean any marks using  Timber Cleaner. Ensure the timber is absolutely dry then apply the polish. Cover the item with polish and allow it to rest for about 15 mins, allowing the polish time to soak into the timber and work its magic. Finish by buffing and polishing to remove any excess wax. Your timber will look fabulous, last longer and smell wonderful. 


If you are reviving an old piece of furniture which has an old musty smell add 1/2 cup of Gentle Scouring Powder mixed with 2 to 4 drops of Eucalyptus essential oil to a jar or cup. Place in a draw or at the back of the cupboard. Cover the cup or jar with fabric if you can and hold in place with an elastic band or tie with kitchen string. The Gentle Scouring Powder will absorb unwanted smells and the Eucalyptus will leave an invigorating and clean fragrance to the furniture. One of our repurposed 500g glass jars will work perfectly for this job. 


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