How to remove unwanted smells from your home

Jennifer Sinclair

You may be unaware that your home has a distinctive aroma. This could be a good or bad odour but because you are around it all the time you may have 'nose blindness' or sensory adaptation. These terms were coined by Mei Peng from the University Otago in New Zeland.

When you arrive home after some time away and you notice an aroma, this is what your friends and family notice when they visit. If this is not the fragrance you desire, then here are some things to think about and action.

Rubbish bins

Empty bins regularly, at least once a week and spray inside with Gyre and Gymble Multi Surface Spray and pour in a kettle of boiling water. Rinse and then spray with Scented Vinegar wiping clean with a dry cloth or paper towel. The Surface Spray will clean away fats and dirt and the Scented Vinegar will kill germs.

Add two drops of tea tree and 2 drops of lemon essential oils to the bin - this will go a long way to stopping unwanted bin smells. The same process can be used on the outside bin using a high-pressure hose.  

Sinks drains

At least once a month place one of our Toilet Bombs on top of the drain and slowly pour a kettle of very hot water over the bomb taking care that the water doesn’t splash. Clean the sink after each use with Multi Surface Spray and wipe dry. This will stop unwanted build-up of lime scale. For an added extra leave 2 or 3 drops of lemon essential oil in the sink. 


Clean your toilet with Gyre and Gymble’s Toilet Bombs and once dissolved use you toilet brush to clean. Clean the outside of the toilet with Scented Vinegar and add a couple of Toilet Drops to the toilet water. If you have little people who can miss it is a good idea to have a toilet mat which can be washed regularly in hot water. Otherwise urine can get into the grout between the tiles and discolour this area of the floor. 


Keep your fridge sparkling clean and throw away out of date food and always cover leftovers. This will stop unwanted aromas wafting out and will also keep you safe from food contamination. For more information go to our 'Its time to clean the fridge' blog.


Keep pets bedding clean and fresh by washing regularly and do not leave pet food around. In summer leave the pet bed out in the sunshine for a few hours if not all day. The sun has the most wonderful purifying qualities. If you go back in history people would use fields with long grass called 'bleach fields' to lay out fabric to whiten in the sunshine. 


Damp is a nasty problem. It smells horrible and has some quite detrimental effects on the health of everyone who lives in the home. Clean damp and mould with Scented Vinegar and a dry cloth then wipe with neat scotch pine oil. Scotch Pine is a great mould killer. Open windows and doors to keep rooms well ventilated. 

Washing Machine and Dishwasher  

Clean your washing machine and dishwasher regularly. Replace dishwasher salts and every now and then put it on a hot cycle with nothing inside. Regularly clean filters. This will ensure your machine works well for longer and needs less maintenance. 


Believe it or not but dust smells horrible. If you hate cleaning, then dusting is the most important job you can do. We recommend dusting with a damp cloth and a dusting spray and vacuuming regularly.

All these things will help keep you home fresh and clean which in turn will keep you and your family healthier.

Our products are unscented allowing you to choose your favourite fragrance or blend from our 9 essential oils.  Create your own bespoke “home aroma” that’s easy to change with the seasons and make your home aroma a distinctly memorable and pleasant one.



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