News: Can smelling lemon help you in an exam?

Jennifer Sinclair

WOW the aroma of a lemon can help you relax during an exam giving better results. This is science and great news too!

A group called Brain Can Do  have found some interesting ways to assist the well being of students during exam times.

Three key things we can all do:

  • In the weeks leading up to the exam you can train your brain to relax by smelling lemons and gently squeezing your ear lobe while doing things that you know will make you relax. This can then be repeated during the exam and the research has shown that your brain will take you back to the relaxed place it has learned in the weeks prior. Given taking a sliced lemon into an exam could be problematic you could try using lemon essential oil on a cotton ball or handkerchief. 
  • Sleep well the night before the exam and have a good wholesome breakfast. This will feed the body so your brain can work at its best.
  • For parents, do not overload kids with questions on the morning of the exams. This could lead to elevated stress levels. Wish them luck and tell them you are proud of their efforts. 

For further reading on this topic, I have added a couple of news articles that go into more detail. 

BBC Revision tips: Sniffing lemons and squeezing ears (18th March 2019) 




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