News: NHS advice on household cleaning products and cancer risk

Jennifer Sinclair


NHS - Household cleaners and cancer risk  

Published 2010 

This NHS article highlights the shocking link between chemical cleaning product use and increased risk of breast cancer. There is a large body of work that supports removing harsh chemicals from household cleaning products.

Gyre and Gymble is founded on the principles that everything you use to care for your home should be safe, stylish and sustainable. Our products do not contain harsh chemicals and we advocate the use of a few simple, safe, natural products.  

Our Promise

  • No single use plastics or harsh chemicals 
  • Refillable, recyclable, reusable, repurpose-able products 
  • Organic, vegan, palm oil free, bio-degradable ingredients
  • Ethically sourced sustainable ingredients and packaging 
  • Handcrafted locally in small batches 
  • Supporting small enterprise 


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