Buy together: Essential Oils
Gyre and Gymble

Buy together: Essential Oils

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Here come the oils! A unique way to fragrance your Gyre and Gymble products and bring a lasting sense of wellbeing to your home. Chosen for their blend-ability and their natural cleaning properties. Drop into a bucket of warm water to clean your floors. Create your own bespoke “home aroma” that’s easy to change with the seasons. 

Save £££s when you purchase these products together.  

    1x Eucalyptus 50ml
    1x Tea Tree 50ml
    1x Lemon 50ml
    1x Orange 50ml
    1x Grapefruit 50ml
    1x Lavender True 50ml
    1x Geranium 50ml 
    1x Scotch Pine 50ml
    1x Cinnamon 50ml
    Learn how to clean with our essential oils with our 'Here Come The Oils' blog.
    Featuring our unique easy-peel labels!

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