Buy together: Essential Oils
Gyre and Gymble

Buy together: Essential Oils

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Here come the oils! A unique way to fragrance your Gyre and Gymble products and bring a lasting sense of wellbeing to your home. Chosen for their blend-ability and their natural cleaning properties. Drop into a bucket of warm water to clean your floors. Create your own bespoke “home aroma” that’s easy to change with the seasons. 

Save £££s when you purchase these products together.  

    1 x Eucalyptus 50ml
    1 x Tea Tree 50ml
    1 x Lemon 50ml
    1 x Orange 50ml
    1 x Grapefruit 50ml
    1 x Lavender True 50ml
    1 x Geranium 50ml 
    1 x Scotch Pine 50ml
    1 x Cinnamon 50ml
    Learn how to clean with our essential oils with our 'Here Come The Oils' blog.
    Featuring our unique easy-peel labels!

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