About us

The idea for Gyre and Gymble all started with what I like to call "The Dance of the Green Liquid". 

I watched my parents have an ongoing battle with a particularly troublesome plastic bottle of washing up liquid. Dad left it on the bench-top next to the sink, and Mum hid it below and out of sight. This dance has been going on for years.

It got me to thinking: why not put all of the cleaning products into beautiful containers that will look great and can sit proud on the bench-top? This would not only be beautiful to look at, but it would also save time going in and out the scary under-sink cupboard.

I then took this simple idea a step further and wanted what was in the bottle to be just a lovely as the bottle itself, and from there the idea for Gyre and Gymble has grown.


I have spent more than a year researching cleaning with food, and it turns out, most of the cleaning products you buy from the supermarket are either unnecessary, unsafe, or both. You can clean just as well - and sometimes even better - with a simple set of food-based products such as lemon juice, bicarb soda, vinegar, Castile soap and essential oils.

In addition, I have also curated our first collection of beautiful containers that look great when on display in your kitchen. 

And to make it all super easy, we've also put together a simple subscription that delivers to your home enough cleaning products to last for 3 months.

I can't wait for you to experience the ease and simplicity of using Gyre and Gymble to clean your home safely, while looking fantastic at the same time. 

Please get in contact with me directly if you have any questions - I'd really love to help!

All the best,
Jen Sinclair